Liver Transplantation

The entire diseased liver is surgically removed and a healthy liver or part of the liver is surgically implanted in its place.

Kidney Transplantation

We provide a comprehensive array of services that include transplantation across HLA tissue type and ABO blood group.

Pancreas Transplantation

The operation may take four to six hours. The surgeon makes an incision down the right side or centre of the abdomen.

GI surgeries

We have broad experience and perform a large number of complex procedures. This experience helps make treating these conditions easier and safer for patients.

About Us

About Us

His fascination for liver transplantation started during his MBBS and MS training in Madras Medical College in Prof N Rangabhashyam’s unit and fueled by the work of Prof. Thomas Starzl, the father of liver transplantation. After training in Transplantation in the United Kingdom and the University of Chicago Hospitals in the US, wanting to .....

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