Damages Caused By Liver Diseases

A number of diseases can directly damage the liver. Damage to the liver can seriously affect the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, prevent waste products from being effectively removed from the system, and reduce the production of proteins needed to clot the blood. If the damage is severe enough, liver transplantation may be necessary. A liver transplant provides a patient with a liver that can keep up with the demands of a full, active life.

Sequalae of Liver Disease

Slow and Progressive damage of the liver by Chronic liver diseases leading to liver cirrhosis result in problems related to liver function and problems related to liver function and problems related to structural changes in the liver tissue.

Functional Problems

are directly related to poor function of liver cells (hepatoceptes) such as poor pigment (bilusubin) clearance cause jaundice, reduced production of protiens albumin results in fluid collections in the belly and swelling of feet, low production of a protien - prosthombin and other protiens required for clotting of blood result in bleeding tendency, low elimination of toxins such as ammonia from the blood results in mental confusion and coma etc.

Structural Changes

caused by repeated scarring of the liver results in changes in resistance to blood. How, as a result the pressure in the main blood venel (portal vein) supply blood and oxygen to the liver is increased. This raise in pressure results in alternate channels for blood how which are under high pressure. These can give rise to severe bleeding.

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