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Hepatitis C

Renowned Liver Transplant Surgeon Dr.M.R.Rajasekhar uses as a platform comprehensive resource of information about liver diseases and liver transplant as well as advocacy for liver health education, research and prevention of liver diseases. He is a strong proponent of empowering patients and their family with current knowledge so as to enable them to navigate the slippery slope of liver disease and their guardians, effectively and make the right choices in treatment of liver disease. He has been passionate about the liver from undergraduate days at MMC. His fascination for the organ and liver transplantation was triggered by early work of Prof. Thomas Starzl who is the father of liver transplantation. The search for knowledge and training took him to Great Britain and the burning desire to bring this life saving technique to millions in India prompted him to give up lucrative offers in the US to return to India and pioneer this procedure in India. His contribution not only proved that such complex procedures are feasible but also be affordable. Today India has become the country of prominence in this field in the whole of South East Asia. A tribute to the two cities he is affiliated to, is the fact that the first and longest surviving liver transplant patient, Sanjay Kandasamy, hails from Chennai suburbia and was operated upon in New Delhi by Dr M.R. Rajasekar in November 1998. He believes that prevention is better than cure and strongly advocates preventive strategies in managing liver cirrhosis. He has carried out basic science research in the field of transplantation tolerance with the aim to avoid toxic medications after liver and kidney transplants. He is providing his surgical and advisory services in Chennai and Delhi, India.

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