Dr.Rajasekar renowed Liver Specialist offers comprehensive treatment for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C treatment as easy as taking 2 pills a day

With various break through in medical science, treatment for Hepatitis C has never been simpler and effective. Latest Oral medications combined with whatever makes the treatment and also management of Hep C quite effective.

Hepatitis Virus
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Latest Development

Newer group drugs which are HCV protease or polymerase inhibitors are now approved for treatment. The only protease inhibitor available in India is Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi, Gillead life sciences) or HEPCINAT. The dose and duration of Hepcinat as well as the correct combination of drugs depend on several patient and virus specific inputs. The SVR for Hepcinat is more than 90% after 12 to 24 weeks treatment. It is to be used only under close monitoring and prescription from a qualified liver specialist.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus seeks the liver as the primary target for its multiplication and growth. It is a RNA virus belonging to Falviviridae family. It has a core and two distinct envelopes, which are the targets for diagnosis and various therapies. Nearly 3% of the world population (170 million people) is affected by this virus. It is primarily transmitted from one person to another through blood to blood contact. Exposure to the virus happens in Hospitals, clinical laboratories, hair saloons, Temples where head tonsuring is done, Health spas, Dentists and Tatoo centers. The infectivity is most when a dose of infected blood is delivered through a hollow needle puncture or blood transfusion. 70- 80% of those who get infected with hepatitis-C will develop chronic liver infection. Of these 20% would go on to develop liver cirrhosis within 20 year period.