Dr.Rajasekar renowed Liver Specialist offers comprehensive treatment for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C - Evaluation

Patients are seldom screened for Hepatitis C unless an abnormal liver test is reported on routine health screening or for job and college admissions. At the primary care level the awareness for hepatitis C is low, thus vague symptoms at presentation is often overlooked. One needs to have a high degree of suspicion to pick up an indolent hepatitis C infection. Few of the high risk groups who could contract hepatitis C include those who receive blood transfusions in the past for accidents or surgeries, have unsafe dental extractions, tattoos and Pedicure, ancillary healthcare workers like phlebotomists, nurses and dialysis technicians, patients who are on haemodialysis, intravenous drug abusers and those with alternative sexual preferences or those with multiple sexual partners with or without HIV infection. The early symptoms of hepatitis C infection may include flu like symptoms, fatigue, joint pain, itching, skin rashes, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, body ache etc. Occasionally it may present as nephrotic syndrome and kidney disease. The preliminary screening should be comprehensive including liver function tests and viral serology test by third generation ELISA. Normal liver test does not exclude hepatitis-C infection.