Dr.Rajasekhar renowed Liver Specialist offers comprehensive treatment for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C - Management

Adherence with the treatment regimen is of paramount importance

Patients infected with hepatitis C should refrain from consumption of alcohol and smoking. Both accelerates the rate of liver fibrosis and shortens the time to liver cirrhosis and development of cancer.

Patients undergoing treatment are advised to have good rest, adequate hydration and take healthy high fibre diet.

Viral genotype-3, alcohol consumption, co-infection with other hepatitis viruses like B virus, higher necro-inflamatory score on biopsy and male to male sex are considered to be high risk factors for accelerated progression of liver fibrosis and require early and aggressive treatment.

The exact combination of the available drugs and duration of treatment is best left to liver experts who would base it on various clinical and laboratory inputs.